July 6, 2022

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Pierre Bruneau made us grow

Pierre Bruneau made us grow

“Letting go means being free,” said Rene Lewesk. For 46 years, Pierre Bruno has accomplished this important task with intelligence and humanity: informing as many people as possible.

His departure from the airwaves gave everyone the opportunity to measure the extent to which man had achieved. 46 years. I was 6 years old when he sat in the chair and the PQ had not yet taken over.

In the highest number

His career span, number of bulletins, ethics or professional skills are not the only ones. Pierre Bruno’s career was even more enormous for his profound impact on Quebec society. By providing information, by explaining it, by highlighting its collaborators to disentangle it, he worked tirelessly in educating and popularizing.

I am being held for information intended for the general public. Information lovers fall for the news. Radio, TV, newspapers, self-drawing from various sources. But these are far from the majority.

People with different levels of education, people who work and people who have limited time to devote to information need information. Others may have little knowledge of history, politics, or geography. They have a sincere desire to understand our world, but we want the information to be popular.

A short history

Pierre Bruno arrives at the right place at the right time. In the mid-1970s, television exploded and became the most powerful medium we know of. TV will also become a major information player.

Télé-Métropole is betting on the offer to the general public, with a particular focus on entertainment. It has become a popular channel, but so far it has relied very little on information. Major information conferences, election evenings, state corporation business.

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When Pierre arrives, Télé-Métropole (which became TVA) begins to invest in creating an appropriate information service for the name. Pierre pushes for appointment, budgets, austerity.

Just as the Edmonton Oilers dynasty was built around Wayne Gretzky, TVA’s news service was built around Pierre Bruno. His personality imposed a style that was close to the people, and his professionalism imposed a concern for hard work.

TVA Novelles has become a pioneer in information thanks to this inspiration. Beyond the usual competition between networks, I have the power to democratize.

A few years ago, TVA and LCN were noted with satisfaction and surprise for dominating international events such as the American and French elections. Was a great success. One day, I realized that this was not a customer displacement. Radio-Canada loyalists remained there.

The phenomenon is that, on the whole, a large number of Cubans have directly followed these events. Thousands of new interested parties wanted to know and understand more about the problems of the world.

Pierre Bruneau tried to inform as many people as possible. With success.

Thank you.