July 6, 2022

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Colorado Press | See the snowfall passing through India

Colorado Press |  See the snowfall passing through India

(Denver) Imagine that one day, VideoTron will no longer offer RDS on its cable distribution network or Bell will make it impossible to subscribe to TVA Sports.

Posted at 5:00 p.m.

Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois

In fact, we feared this would come when CubeCore TVA sports signal jammed to Bell subscribers in 2019, but everything returned to normal. But in Denver, this is really true.

This is because the team’s official broadcaster, Altitude Sports, is not affiliated with the two leading cable companies in the United States, Comcast and Dish Network. Consequently: The channel is not provided to the subscribers of these two services, so they can not watch their team matches without using illegal channels.

As the ball came out of the arena after the game on Wednesday, the three of us chatted with the fans, who were actively scared and finally straight up like Shane (sorry her). We talk about something that interrupts us. “Don’t talk to me about it!”

As the debate progressed, we realized that the majority opinion of supporters was disappointed with the chicory of billionaires. Altitude also appears to be owned by Avalanche owner Stan Croenke, who also owns the Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Rapids (MLS), Arsenal FC (EPL), as well as the Los Angeles Rams (NFL). He moved from St. Louis.

If he ever fears his next insurance payment will bounce, he can always withdraw money from his wife, Ann Walton. Walton …