July 3, 2022

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Jimmy Dion: “Thanks Daddy!”

Jimmy Dion: "Thanks Daddy!"

Like many dads in the world, Stephen Dion says he doesn’t need anything for Christmas, his birthday or … Father’s Day. No gifts, no special attention.

However, on the eve of Father’s Day, when the idea of ​​compiling a report on the relationship between this former independent baseball player and his son Jimmy came up, the father expressed a desire to put that accent on the teenagers first. Missing target, like a slightly lower arch on the outside.

“My dad’s story inspires me a lot, it tells me we’ll never give up,” says 17-year-old Jimmy from the Quebec City area, who is currently one of the brightest hopes in the beautiful province.

At the very beginning of the interview, the young man was put in the picture to pay tribute to his old man: “Thank you Dad! And Happy Father’s Day! “

Jimmy Dion, in uniform with the Canadian junior baseball team in the spring of 2022.

Baseball Canada Photo / Courtesy

Jimmy Dion, in uniform with the Canadian junior baseball team in the spring of 2022.

Follow his passion

Growing up, Jimmy heard many stories from the past, during which time Stefan Dion, and then in his early twenties, took “his ham sandwiches and $ 300” to travel to Florida to attend camps. Of course, Jimmy was not yet born, but he still learned a wonderful lesson in perseverance, the desire to follow his passion and do everything to pursue his dreams.

To sum up his father’s career, as befits the film, the former receiver appeared in Kissimmee at the Houston Astros Camp. He also took shots from pitcher Doug Drabeck as he went on the sideline.

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Not only did he not hit a few home runs during batting practice, but the mighty Cubeser Astros may not have stormed into the company, but it was enough for him to find himself leading the club with one another. Oklahoma City University Baseball. It was finally in 1997, at the age of 27, that the Remoski man achieved a dream against all odds by playing for the Saints of Blue Ox of Bangor, Maine and Saint Paul, Minnesota in independent leagues. With the formation of contacts, everything greatly contributed to the arrival of capitals in Quebec in 1999.

“My nanny taught me to play baseball, but to this day, he’s always been there to cheer me on, after the Capitals match.

“In recent years, with the epidemic, he’s confirmed a good part of my development. He’s been there to throw me batting practice or train me as a pitcher.

A promising future

Today, the young Dionne is a member of the Baseball Academy of Canada (ABC), which includes a section of the Quebec elite. He also had the opportunity to participate in Canadian Junior Squad operations in the spring.

It’s hard to know what the future holds for Jimmy Dion right now, but one thing is for sure, there is someone close to him to inspire him.

“I, my role is to support him, to encourage him, I will always be behind him,” Stephen said.

Already this is a beautiful story that stretches between father and son. And for Jimmy, he probably hadn’t finished talking about him. The next chapter is to be written as a narrative framework with a great passion for baseball. Just like her father.

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Write your own story

At age 17, Jimmy Dion has already qualified for the next major baseball draft scheduled for July 17-19.

At 6’4 “and just under 215 pounds, Dionne has an interesting profile for recruiters who dare to project themselves into the future.

“I do not expect anything. I live in the present moment. Often, when I’m performing. “

Dion is well aware that his career will also go through American colleges if he wants to take advantage of a series of tournaments in the United States with the Baseball Academy of Canada (ABC) to attract attention this summer.

“My goal is to become the best player possible, and hope to reach Major League Baseball one day. This is my biggest dream,” Dion said, adding that he loves to continue the down-to-earth spirit.

A great experience

Last April, the young Cubesar also had great experience with the Canadian junior team. On the mound, he particularly met the expectations of the Houston Astros company as part of his Florida tour.

“It’s the best experience of my life, he said about being with the national team. It’s what I have lived there to follow for the rest of my life.

Elliott Kodiakz-Lanou, Charles-Oliver Zaire, Joshua Jones, Deaton Lachans, Felix Morin and Jeremy Pilan are the other Cubakers who have defended the colors of the Canadian junior team so far in 2022. Many names to look forward to in the coming years and, presumably, on the occasion of the next draft.