July 6, 2022

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Strike day at 15 SQDC branches

Strike day at 15 SQDC branches

As negotiations are still stalled, nearly 200 members of the Syndicate des Employees de la Society Cubacois du Cannabis (SQDC) went on strike on Saturday in some fifteen branches in the province.

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The union, which is affiliated with CSN, voted earlier in the month to provide a five-day strike bank to put pressure on the SQDC direction. According to union president Maxim Nadeau, Saturday’s strike will see significant work being done by its members as the Formula 1 Grand Prix returns after a two – year absence.

“Our discussions on the wage issue are still stalled and the employer has not yet submitted a proper wage proposal. So we went on strike again today, at a time when there is a lot of traffic, at a time when our skills are in high demand,” Maxim Nadeau explained.

Thus, SQDC employees deny more than 38% of the disparities between themselves and their colleagues from the Society des Alcoles du Quebec (SAQ). Currently, it takes about eight years for the starting-level salary at SQDC to reach $ 17.12 and 12 per hour.E Stage set at $ 21.23 per hour.

“We call on the employer to resolve these negotiations as soon as possible. The Treasury Board should issue clear directions to the SQDC as soon as possible to reach a satisfactory agreement between the parties,” said Stephanie Gratton, Vice President of the Federation of Public Service Employees (FEESP-CSN).