July 6, 2022

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Women want the right to be topless

Women want the right to be topless

Fifteen women demonstrated topless in Mount Royal Park in support of Eloise Pacquiao Poison, who was arrested by police last month for removing her breasts in Quebec.

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Vincent Lauren

Vincent Lauren

At first ashamed, the event, which was supposed to begin on Sunday afternoon, gradually gained prominence, with one after another coming near the Sir George-Etienne Cartier monument.

A few meters away, Tom-Tom gathered as if every Sunday to play, and the men removed their tops with complete indifference, arguing that this was a perfect demonstration of the existence of a double standard between male and female breasts. Event, Alice Lacroix.

“Men never have to fight to take their T-shirts out in the open, so it’s really a movement for gender equality,” she pleaded.

Alice Lacroix rightly believes that women have a right to be topless in public space. “When people claim our right to be comfortable in the sun one day, they think we did it just to be sexy,” she said, “wanting to claim their right to exist.”

Education to do

On May 29, in a park in Quebec, a young woman named Eloise Pacqueto Poison was arrested by police for having bare breasts. She shared her article on Facebook that the authorities found out that she had done nothing illegal.

One of the participants in Sunday’s demonstration in Montreal, Beatrice, said, “I do not blame the police for the lack of information, because it’s very common. [les seins des femmes] Are covered ”.

“I’re really here to say: freedom, equality,” she said. If some people have a “reaction” to seeing a woman’s breasts in public, “it’s very good for them, but it’s not to be seen or known,” Beatrice explained, “for him there is an education problem above all else.”

Photo by Hugo-Sebastian AUBERT, Press

Such an event is another

Eloise also came to demonstrate her solidarity with Pacquiao Poison, with Susie Simard telling her story on a par with that of a young woman from Quebec.

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On June 16, she was walking without a bikini top on a beach in Lock-Limie Park, Autowice, when she was accused by two supervisors who came to ask her to “dress up”. [qu’elle] Was naked.

“I do not want to, I’m not naked, I do not need to dress, half the people on the beach here do not have bikini tops,” she said, still shocked by the incident. Despite the intervention of the park manager and Royal Gendermary officials who threatened to “send her out of the park” she was finally given a “warning”, she told the media at Mount Royal Park on Sunday.

“We see them spinning around showing their two big, round buttocks with tiny bikinis, no problem, but as soon as we started showing breasts it was very hypersexualized, for example, no, we have no right to do that,” Susie Simard denied.

A similar event was held on Sunday in Quebec in Victoria Park, not far from where Eloise Pocket Poison was arrested.