July 6, 2022

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Business Transfer | Laughlour restaurants from father to son

Business Transfer |  Laughlour restaurants from father to son

On Sunday, Father’s Day, there was a traditional family brunch and discussion for George Papagionis FaceTime He is on vacation in Greece with his father, Achilles. One event added a certain color to the festivities this time around, which was a complete business transfer of Laughlour restaurants. Born in a potato car in 1951, George officially became the president of the Papazianis brand, and later acquired its current look in 1961 at LaSalle in LaSalle.

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Isabelle Massey

Isabelle Massey

A lot of things are happening at Papagionis. “Even recently, my dad Le Petit sold Quebec restaurants to my dad’s brother and we bought 100% Laughlour restaurants,” George Papaginis said in an interview. Today we have 100% Laughlor and La Belle Province restaurants. ⁇

“I’m very proud of what my father has built over the decades,” he continues. Worked very hard to get to this level. ⁇

The Greek immigrant, who arrived in Quebec in 1971 at the age of 16, quickly appeared in restaurants. “Speaking the language, Achilles Papazianis recalled. I learned French and English at work.”

Five years later, he owned a restaurant called La Belle Province in Saint-Hubert. Together with his older brother, he later owned the Le Petit Québec brand, which bought Laughlur restaurants in 2011. At the request of his father, from the age of 10, George Papazianis appeared at the counter on weekends to help the family and, consciously or not, to make his purchases. Later, he studied administration and economics, always keeping in mind that he would never leave the family business. “I always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” he says. This is why I was born. ⁇

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Today, he represents the second generation of Papazianis at the top of Laughlour restaurants. His father is next door. “His advice is very important and I still learn from him every day,” said George Papaginis.

I also learn a lot from him. George has new ideas to grow the business. It makes me see some things differently for the better.

Achilles Papagianis

By 2027, George Papacy wants to increase the number of restaurants from 16 (15 in their own name and 1 franchise) to 32. “We have already started modernizing our restaurants,” he said. We have a branch in Lachin that is going to be destroyed and rebuilt. She needs a little love! ⁇

Management is looking towards the North Coast and the South Coast to sustain growth. “We want to grow everywhere in Quebec, clearly in the most populous areas,” George Papaginis explained. We did a study to find out which positions are strategic and effective. However, nothing has been confirmed so far. ⁇


Otherwise, the new president will value the family spirit of Laughlur restaurants for his clan and its 200 employees. “There are labor shortages, production and supply problems,” said George Papazianis. “We try to do the best we can. We pay good salaries with group insurance. We’re not really into robotization, but we’re not closed to the idea. Strengthening our team is a very important thing.

At the very least, when help runs out, everyone will pitch. “We & # 39; re working hard together, George Papazianis Summary. I love our Laughlour restaurants being like a family. There’s a lot of history behind it. It’s a real Quebec brand founded in 1951 before McDonald’s. Have already come to help us too.

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George Papazianis, who has three children (8, 10 and 14), is he already preparing a successor in the restaurant Laughlor? “If they like it, I want to hand over the business to them, but it has to come from them,” the president replied. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. ⁇

In the meantime, guess who will be the brand new young catering clerk at Dad’s request? “We have little manpower, we all need hands,” George Papaziones recalled. “She gladly agreed.”