July 6, 2022

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The radio veteran hung up his mic

The radio veteran hung up his mic

A true legend in the radio world in eastern Quebec, Daniel Saint-Pierre will not be in his post this morning, for the first time in 36 years.

The Morning man Having a career of almost 45 years, he hosted his last show Hello Grand Portage, Friday, at CIEL-FM Riviere-du-Loup, under a shower of praise.

Many celebrities from the world of radio and television have succeeded in highlighting the work of the Iron Man who carried out the same public affairs program on the regional station.


One of the first to speak was the distinguished Gilles Prols, who rightly emphasized the quality of specific animators who could earn a career in major centers.

During Denise Levesque’s presentation on LCN, Mr. Proulx Daniel spoke of the ubiquitous talent in the province, referring to Saint-Pierre. “I told him I would bring them to Montreal and in two polls, they would remove our big communication nicknames.”

Another distinguished guest at the tribute event was former ADQ leader and local Cacona Mario Dumont.

He also stabbed several times with the facilitator who dealt with Riviere-du-Loup’s riding files.

“You never made me happy”, he admitted with a laugh at first, now occupying the animator seat at LCN.

Young Daniel Saint-Pierre in 1986.

Courtesy film

Young Daniel Saint-Pierre in 1986.

Talent Discovery

In addition to his career at the helm of the Morning Show, Daniel Saint-Pierre has left his mark on the media world by launching the careers of young hosts who are now in full view.

This is the case of Stefan Turkot, who began in 1988 in Riviere-du-Loup. “He said to me: ‘Listen, Stephen, the microphone on the radio is not a right, it’s a privilege’ […] I still apply it today and I keep repeating it to young people who are just starting out. ⁇

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Pierre-Antoine Gosselin, now TVA Quebec Newsreader, congratulated the host and named him his mentor.

Metropolitan Radio has its share of departures with Paul Howe, Joel Le Bigot and Jacques Faby, making it clear that listeners from Boss-Saint-Laurent will also enjoy a wave of these changes, not forgetting Legend Pierre Bruno on TV.