July 6, 2022

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The three founders brought 178 illegal workers to Quebec

The three founders brought 178 illegal workers to Quebec

Three contractors who earned $ 2.3 million by bringing 178 illegal workers to Quebec to clean hotels have been sentenced to one year in prison.

In June 2019, the Border Services Agency arrested eight workers without a work permit at a hotel in Quebec City as part of the Calmar project. The investigation has finally led to the arrest of three Colombians who illegally recruited 178 citizens from Mexico to do housekeeping in 32 hotels in Quebec City, Chikoutimi, Montmagni and Bi-Saint-Paul.

Didier Allerio Rubiano Montoya, 48, as well as brothers George Alexander and Josimer Pena Mendoza, 46 and 35, were arrested under immigration law. They developed a “neat plan” to bring in their workers who pretended to be visiting Quebec City.

However, as soon as they arrived, they were cared for by three companions and quickly started their homes. “Defendants assumed a total employment relationship. Hired, assigned work, setting their schedule, providing transportation and paying them,” said Judge Steve Magnon.

Below the minimum wage

Defendants’ businesses were paid in cash so that they could be identified as little as possible, and workers were paid less than the minimum wage. “The actions of the defendants put the foreigners in a vulnerable and illegal position, they had to live in secret,” the judge explained.

While exploiting 178 workers, three Colombians earned $ 2.3 million between June 2018 and July 2019. The three men, all of whom are well integrated into the Quebec Society, work in the automotive field, bakery or pastry. They were sentenced to one year in prison to experience at home except for work.

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House arrest requires 180 hours of community service. The fate of the 178 foreigners who came here to find work is not indicated.

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