July 6, 2022

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Tranna Wintour is not afraid of anything

Tranna Wintour is not afraid of anything

Tranna Wintour‌ has known since childhood that she is a woman and that the stage belongs to her. However, it can take many years to receive these two identities. A few months after a memorable stay at home Big Brother Celebrities, Comedian Dr. Mobilo hosts his first comic gala at Aquafest. Meeting with a person who needs to learn to fear.

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Dominic Late

Dominic Late

Tranna Wintour speaks the word Desire, Then withdraws. “That’s not the right word. I have no desire to act. I always felt the need [elle appuie sur besoin] To express myself in terms of performance. But I ignored this need for a long time for a number of reasons, until it became impossible. ⁇

For two years on a cafe terrace in his neighbor Verdun, the comedian spoke with the assurance of a man he would often call to tell him the long road that led to him. However, his tone was not about weakness, it was a hint of lively emotion. Tranna has told her story dozens of times, but this story is very important to her when she opens the tape.

“The biggest of those reasons is the lack of trust due to years of harassment. One has to try to survive [à l’école primaire et secondaire], I had to try to stay invisible, which is the opposite of being a performer. But I know it’s not me, it’s the problem, “she said.

Photo by Hugo-Sebastian Abert, The Press

Tranna Wintour

Trapped in the organ of deportation and under the ridicule of her tormentors, she is confident that Tranna will not turn the evil of her victim into hatred towards her. However, the vocabulary that allowed her to name and understand transideness grew when she did not reach middle-class homes in Pierfunds, where she lived with her youth-loving mother Mona and younger sister.

To whom did she attribute this protective reflex? For symbols like Cher and Madonna, lifelong friends of the Queer communities, gave her the confidence that she had a place somewhere.


Confirming her identity as a woman in her twenties would soon lead to her first comedic endeavors inspired by the inventions of American comedians Margaret Cho and Sandra Bernhard. In 2013, she invited some spectators to her friend’s apartment, where she hosted an hour – one – women show.

This first show remains, to this day, a transformative experience – “I’m never been stressed in my life” – from which she emerges with the onset of confidence in her own ways. She turned to the English Comedy Club circuit before creating themed performances with her friend Thomas LeBlanc. St. CelineCeline Dion (at Zoofest), with whom she co-piloted the lovely podcast. Selected family.

Photo by Bernard Bralt, LA PRESSE Archives

Tranna Winter in 2017

Tranna Wintour does not live in secret. Not at all. On the sidewalk adjacent to the terrace, a young woman suddenly stops, overwhelms the comedian, makes excuses, forgets to breathe, and pours out a shower of compliments. “My wife is a big fan, she tells him in English. Sorry to bother you, but my wife is so jealous of me! Can we take a photo? She is so proud of you Big brother. ⁇

In July 2021, Tranna Wintour announced her aspiration to become a Quebec star among Rita Well and Jean-Thomas Jabin on the Just for Laughs stage. Having spent many hours in front of MusiquePlus and an ardent fan of the wonderful French-speaking Mitsuo, the insularity of our star-system has long attracted this anglophone. “The final step in this plan is participation Big brother. Beware of what you dreamed of, even ironically: a few weeks later, the reality TV crew handed him his pass.

Despite his many fears, this first serious experience of the cameras was inevitably pleasant and, above all, beneficial to his reputation. Instead of entering the home with the goal of doing useful work, Tranna inevitably contributed to the power of television to normalize transientness. She hopes that this part of who she is in the midst of the interviews she is granted will be minimal. “It’s not that interesting, honestly,” she said, seeking caution.

Brave, really?

According to her, it would be a mistake to regard the actions that she considers transphobic by Ricky Gervais or Dave Chappell to be very subtle phenomena, rather than a manifestation of the specific wind of the time, which is hugely flawed. “We see how many states in the United States are trying to take away trans rights and women’s rights. We are living in a very frightening anti – woman moment.”

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In an issue presented during the OFF-JFL last summer, Tranna sarcastically thanked the well-intentioned Cissander women who constantly praised her for her courage – in the grocery store, in the bar, on the street. The reason for this is that Tranna is not brave enough for herself.

If I say I’m brave, I’m afraid to admit it. And then the transfobes, the homophobes, the racists, the misogynists, they didn’t scare me. They make me angry. What a vile existence this life of hate is!

Tranna Wintour

Her existence is the opposite of rubbish. Proof: On Wednesday, she gave her first gala to Dr. Mobilo Aquafest, this time she receives one of her idols, Patsy Gallant. Tranna will also be featured in the Just for Laughs, Just for Laughs gala, Festival de Humor Emergency n abbtb-tamiscomming and Eddie King in the comedy and Richardson Zephyr gala. Fest-Quebec. She will one day hold the reins of her own talk show.

“I have a long list of reasons to continue to be scared, but it’s not a choice for me. Life is too short.”

Gala Tranna Winter on June 22 at Club Soda as part of Dr. Mobilo Aquafest