July 6, 2022

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A member of the Salut Bonjour team announces his departure

A member of the Salut Bonjour team announces his departure

After the rain and shine, our weather presenter Stephanie Villeneuve announced that she would not be returning to Salat Bonjour this fall.

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I want to say that this was not an easy decision. After many months of reflection, I’ll be back next season and I’m leaving at the end of the summer, ”she told Gino Chonard this morning.

As our host was leaving for his summer vacation, it was the last morning that Stephanie and Gino shared the screen. For the past three years she has used the next opportunity to express her heartfelt thanks to her colleague.

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“I really want to thank you for your generosity. You always give good advice, you support your team. I feel lucky to have the honor of working with you, ”she said.

Fortunately, our shiny presenter stays with us throughout the summer. And she hopes to take advantage of every ray of sunlight in the next few weeks.

The Salut Bonjour team added their voice to congratulate Gino Chouinard!

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