July 6, 2022

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Loss not covered by insurance companies

Loss not covered by insurance companies

Many citizens have this against their private insurance company, which does not provide coverage for this type of earthquake, but insists that victims continue to pay premiums even if they are evacuated.

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“Insurance contracts mainly have some exceptions, such as natural disasters and landslides,” explained Louis Zaire, an insurance broker. “Insurers respect government requests not to obstruct the protections of the Ministry of Public Safety.”

When forced exploits occur, the owners concerned will be covered by the Quebec government’s regular program of compensation and financial assistance in the event of a real or imminent disaster.

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The maximum amount provided for the building is $ 260,000, and the program created in 2019 is indexed to a maximum of $ 250,000 per year to follow the evolution of the cost of living.

“Landslides can only be added after an earthquake has occurred and only if an earthquake rider has been purchased,” Mr Sayre explained.

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