July 6, 2022

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Postcard | Continuing the work of Guy Laughlor

Postcard |  Continuing the work of Guy Laughlor

(Tampa) Chantal Machabi warned us when it came time to coordinate a meeting with Martin Laughlor. “He is just as good as his father, he never refuses the request! ⁇

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois

And of course, on Tuesday morning, Martin Laughlor called us to arrange a meeting after the NHL Trophy ceremony.

So we meet in front of his hotel in the evening. An hour earlier, he had presented the Ted-Lindsay Trophy, with other players voting for the NHL’s Most Valuable Player. His father, Guy, won the trophy for three consecutive years from 1976 to 1978, naming Lester B. Pearson for the prize.

Together with sportsnet teammate David Amber, he presented the trophy to Aston Mathews. The announcement is a tribute to the hockey people who died last year, ending with a video beginning with Clark Gillies and Mattis Kiwlenix, followed by Mike Bossie and Guy Laughlor.

He took advantage of his evening to chat with Mathews, who also spoke with his father, Claude Lemieux and Joe Sacick, who played with his father, Quebec Nordics, for two years. Martin Laughlor has very specific memories of Sakik and no, they are not stories of mini-hockey games in the Nordics locker room.

“I remember Joe always trying to invite me to Dagobert to have a drink with Tony Hrcak! The 47-year-old started out, and is still having fun. Dad was not so happy …