July 6, 2022

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A Buceron and Abitibian, it makes a lot of pedals

Guy Laughlor 1951-2022 |  Loving Laflour, again and again

“It’s not painful, but do your will …”

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It happened somewhere in 2005 and Patrice Dion resigned to die. Buceron suffered from a rare heart condition that put him on the waiting list for a heart transplant for a number of years.

And there, the final trowel: the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the cardiac liver, “not related to the drink”, he prescribed. His liver was also cut.

Doctors at Laval Hospital in Quebec say it is impossible for Patrice Dion to have a heart and liver transplant.

Hence this sentence: Make your will …

“I have a little bit of impatience, I have been preparing to die for four, five years. But there, you were told: “You only have four, five months to live …” As they say in the bus: It’s scary! ⁇

If I were to report the words of Patrice Dion today, it would be clear that he has come out wonderfully.

I summarized the sequence of events: his doctors in Quebec contacted him with a team from the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, where we were working on a double transplant project …

He was offered by the Royal Wick team as the first Quebec patient to attempt a heart-liver transplant. “They told me: ‘It’s never been tried, but if you want, we’ve tried it on you …’ What do you mean, I’m already dead! I’m OK!

The double conversion worked. That was 2006. Patrice Dion is now 70 years old.

This is not the history of the miracle of modern medicine. This is the story of a key supporter of Patrice Dionne’s revival: Maison des Graftes Lina-Sir in Montreal. It’s very important — I dare say: crucial — a resource for those looking to convert people living away from Montreal.

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Organ transplantation is a hyper specialty in state-of-the-art hospitals. Hence most conversions take place in Montreal. In the months when you expect an organ, you will be weak and weak at the end of your energies. And when the phone rings to say we have an organ for you, well … ideally you should not be away from Montreal already. Because every minute is worth it.

What would you do if you lived in Gaspace?

In beauty?


To the lake?

Hotel room for rent in Montreal. But hello loan, for people who can no longer work …

It was here that Lena Cyre received a liver transplant in 1987. A native of Gaspac, she met many patients waiting for her in Montreal. At the worst moment of their lives, they have this concern: accommodation.

MMe Cyrus said to himself: We must help this world!

She thus purchased and restored the old convent of the nuns, Corner Sherbrook and de Lorremier, to accommodate patients from tooth-biting and organ-waiting areas in Montreal. Maison des Graftes Lina-Sir opened its doors in 1994 and since then, 29,000 people (mostly) have been housed there at low cost and supported by medical and therapeutic infrastructure.

Photo by Armand Traitor, Law Press Archives

Lena Sayre, in 2002

Patrice Dion is one of these people who became a resident of Maison des Graftes in October 2005. During his stay, constantly breathing, he met Hockey Man Serge Trepanier of Amos. Mr. Trepanier expect liver transplant. ABTB and Buseron supported each other.

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Patrice Dione recalls the welcome of Lena Cyrus (now deceased) and her sympathy, dedication of the staff and solidarity among the residents.

To keep the small shape he left behind, he tried to walk down Sherbrook Street, at which point he ” [s]Lean over each telephone pole to restart [son] Breathe “

Patrice Dion knows that at the worst possible moment in her life, Maison des Graftes allowed her to focus on what she needed: to live. “M.Me Cyre told her story to Serge and me and how she funded her activities with spaghetti dinners in the area. ”

Mr. Dion and Mr. Trepanier said to themselves: We must help Lena!

And once grafted, they did.

Every year, since 2007, they have hosted the Défi-vélo de la Maison des greffés. Before the epidemic, each challenge raised tens of thousands of dollars. In 2020 and 2021, the challenge actually happened: crops were scarce, but …

This year, the challenge is going back to reality: Beloil-Lewis, as always. It takes place in mid-July. Three days of cycling, 320 km. You need to register now. Patrice Dion and Serge Trepanier, returning from the dead, spun their lives to give back …

“After our conversion it was our goal,” said Patrice Dion.

Without the funds raised by Défi-vélo since 2007, Maison des Graftes Lina Sier would not have provided the same services. Maybe it will no longer provide services and our fellow citizens in areas waiting for conversion in Montreal may get in trouble.

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In short, if you want to pedal with a survivor like MM. Dion & Trepanier for good reason

“Not too hard, 320km, Mr. Dionne?

– Not easy, not easy! Answers to Buceron. I have to train all winter. Serge, it’s different. Serge is an athlete, a former major junior, he doesn’t need to be trained, let’s just say he pushed us a lot into the ribs.