July 6, 2022

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National Holiday | What to see, what to do

National Holiday |  What to see, what to do

What to see and what to do this week? Here are the cultural references of our journalists.

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Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

Veronica Laroc

Veronica Laroc

Iris Gagnon Paradise

Iris Gagnon Paradise

Montreal reborn with Patrice Michad, Alicia Moffet, Roxanne Bruno.

The Grand Spectacle de la Fate Nationale will take place in Montreal on June 23 at the Place des Festivals. Under the name of I like my language And hosted by Pierre-Yves Lord, it features 30 singers, musicians and dancers, including Patrice Michad, Alicia Moffett, Jay Scott, Sarahmi, Les Longes, Foucault, Arian Roy, Katia Rock, Roxanne Bruno and Michelle Pagliaro. The show will air the next day on ICI Radio-Canada Tele and TVA.

Lavallo Fauqui, Hubert Lenoir, Chloe Pellag and co

Photo by Sarah Monge-Birkett, Law Press Archives

Klô Pelgag, filmed during a visit to MTelus here, celebrates in Laval.

Laval is celebrating this year’s “Saint-Jean” style by putting together several important names in music on the Center de la Nature stage. FouKi, Hubert Lenoir, Klô Pelgag, High Classified, Les Louanges, Lisa LeBlanc, Patrice Michaud, Isabelle Boulay, Samian and Sarahmée also perform classical Quebec songs as well as musical innovations. The patriotic text, which begins this evening, June 24, was co – written by Michelle Mark Bouchard and Caroline Dawson. Free shuttle service to Montmorency and Cartier metro stations will be provided late in the evening. The site opens at 5:30 pm, and the show starts at 8:30 pm.

Sailborbs lead Abraham on the field

Photo by Eric Lab, The Sun.

The Sailborbs group is in the middle of a show on Abraham Ground.

The SailBarbs will perform a major concert on June 23 at 9 pm in the Plains of Abraham, Quebec. The group is surrounded by many guests, including Richard Segwin, Marjo, Melissa Bedard, Jerome 50, Florent Valent and Lou-Adrian Cassidy. Artists Pepe and his guitar and Marco Callieri will be responsible for the first part, beginning at 6:30 p.m., with a patriotic speech read by Mark Labre. The show will air on Télé-Québec from 9:30 pm.

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Arian Moffot and Louis-Jean Carmire in Gatino

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Archives Law Press

Arian Mofot (opposite) and Louis-Jean Carmire will be in the Vuix-Hull district on June 23.

The Rue Laval sector in the Vieux-hull district will host National Day celebrations on June 23. On this occasion, Arian Moffot and Louis-Jean Carmire share the stage. The show is free. Still in Gatino, but in Parc des Cedres, two performances are planned as part of the Autouis En Fate Festival, in one case, Tire Le Coyote and Hubert Lenoir (June 23) and, in another case, Core Pirate and Emile Bilodou (June 24). Tickets are required for these last two shows.

Dashing cowboys in remorse

Photo by Sarah Monge-Birkett, Law Press Archives

Fringent cowboys will be in the Repentant Park de l’le-label on June 24.

On June 24, the fringent cowboys returned to their corner of the country to celebrate the national holiday on the Ile-label Park stage in Repentine to perform their 10 songs.E Album, Antipode. DJ Abel opens the ball at 5 p.m., followed by singer-songwriter Steve Provost. The Cowboys are expected from 8:30 p.m., followed by a pyramomical show.

Three contracts in Varennes

Photo by Sarah Monge-Birkett, Law Press Archives

The Les Trois Accords, here during their show on MTelus, will be in Varennes.

“So much fun! We can only guess for the audience who will be heading to Varennes on June 23 to hear the Les Trois deals, whether they’re playing the title track from their recent studio album or not. Food trucks are on site.Hop lovers, get a chance to taste one of three beers specially made for 350E This is the anniversary of the town of Montérégie. Note that the group will be in Saint-Constant the next day. From 7pm at the Park de la Commune in Varennes. The show begins at 8:30 p.m.

Quality Motel and Fanny Bloom in Saint-Constant

Photo ULYSSE LEMERISE, LA Press Archives

Fanny Bloom will be part of a party in Saint-Constant.

In Montérégie, the Base de Plen Air de Saint-Constant hosts a National Day performance on June 24. On stage: Singer Alexis Arbor, followed by their special guests at 7:30 pm, including the Quality Motel band and Fanny Bloom. Les Trois deals are expected for a one-and-a-half hour show from 8:45 p.m. The evening concludes with a fireworks display. School bus shuttle service is provided throughout the evening.

Sudbest at Lachin Canal

Photo by Jonathan Duval, Soundbest

Sudbest event

Head southwest of the city for the second edition of the Sudbest event, which offers a very special program this Saint-Jean weekend. Dozens of neighborhood merchants and numerous restaurants are ready to showcase their products, satisfy empty stomachs and satisfy thirsty throats. The national holiday evening will also honor a fine musical and artistic program including three veterans from the Quebec alternate scene: Lost Heroes, Lexis and Poir. Admission to the site is free and pets are accepted. 40 on June 24, 25 and 26, Rs des signers.