September 30, 2023

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Flight attendants were paid upon arrival at the airport

Flight attendants were paid upon arrival at the airport

Recently unionized, Pascan Aviation’s flight crew will be paid upon arrival at the airport and not according to flight duration, this is the first time in Canada.

The union, which has been in power since Wednesday, has unanimously voted on the airline’s first-year collective bargaining agreement, offering a 40% to 52% pay rise.

This significant increase in compensation was due to the fact that the parties were negotiating to apply now the principle that time on duty and not flight time is applicable.

In the aeronautical field, flight attendants are paid only from the start of the aircraft engines until they are extinct at the destination.

At Pascon, they are paid as soon as they arrive at the first airport in Canada.

“We are very proud of this agreement. This is the first of its kind in Canada. Given the current shortage of workers, Pascon is an ideal employer to retain its staff, among other things, through a variety of schedules, ”said Union President Jesse Vignalt.

Pascon Aviation is one of the airlines serving the Quebec area. It employs about twenty flight attendants.

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