August 16, 2022

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Hydro-Québec asks to avoid the Saint-Maurice River

Hydro-Québec asks to avoid the Saint-Maurice River

The effects of the Spring Freshet and heavy rainfall over the past few hours have forced Hydro-Quebec to open the valves of its dams on Thursday, forcing a state-owned company to ask boaters not to come to its power stations in Saint-Maurice. River in Mauritius.

“To ensure their safety and their survival, we do not recommend engaging in operations on the Saint-Maurice River as long as the currents are strong,” Hydro-Quebec said in a statement.

Their spokesman said the boat, which was in a dangerous zone due to the strength of the currents, was likely to capsize quickly.

“It’s dangerous.

Booms, i.e. those that delimit risk zones, are not fitted everywhere. The ones near the Gabelle and Rocher-de-Grand-Mer power plants are still missing.

“According to the information currently available to us, we expect the flows to be exceptionally high for a few more weeks,” Hydro-Quebec added. Our experts predict that the flow of the Saint-Maurice River will return to normal by the end of July, ”said Hydro-Quebec.

Civil security in Mauritius said there was no question of flooding, despite heavy rains over the past few days.

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