September 25, 2023

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An earthquake in Mont-Saint-Hillary creates strong tensions

An earthquake in Mont-Saint-Hillary creates strong tensions

A dispute has been going on for years in Mont-Saint-Hilir‌, Monterrey, about the land that real estate developers want.

In 1991, about 40 hectares of plots were taken from the agricultural zone. The moratorium lasted for 15 years after that.

“Since 2006, we have been trying to protect, develop, and regulate this site, which is adjacent to a UNESCO-recognized mountain nature reserve,” Pellerin said. , Citizen of Mont-Saint-Hillary.

In 2012, the development of 600 housing units on this land was announced, which provoked strong citizen opposition in 2013.

An investigation has taken place.

“During the Stanley Cup final, the Tampa Bay Lightning seemed to replace their professional players with Pee-Wees. The city did not defend itself well during this trial,” she said.

The verdict was handed down last November. According to the ruling, the city must create a control.

“There are many possibilities in terms. There are many tools in the city to protect or develop the land. Both options are legitimate, “said Ms Pellerin.

However, the City says it has no choice but to develop the land.

The municipality has until August 11 to revise its development plan.

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