August 19, 2022

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Great return of balls

Great return of balls

After two epidemic years full of uncertainty, graduation balls are back in effect this summer, much to the delight of young people. Press.

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Audrey Pilan Topkara

Audrey Pilan Topkara

The rain and bad weather on Thursday did not dampen the spirits of a group of friends including Audrey, Dylan and Aminatou. The three young men wore their best clothes for the occasion. “We were afraid the ball would be canceled due to the epidemic,” Audrey admitted.

Fortunately for their classmates and them, the relaxation of sanitation allowed them to spend an unforgettable evening on a river boat anchored in the Old Port.

Photo by Dominic Gravel, Press

Dylan (left), Audrey (middle) and Aminatou (right) are thrilled to experience the prom at Bato-Mouche.

In the case of Nathan Beland and Chloe Orkut, two graduates of St. Henry’s High School, the celebrations were regular, prom or not. “If it was canceled, we would have managed another one,” the elegant couple said with a laugh.

Like their peers, online classes have had a negative impact on their motivation. “It’s hard not to see our friends in real time. When you are at home, you do not really feel like doing much, ”they added.

Photo by Dominic Gravel, Press

After two chaotic school years due to the epidemic, the duo of Nathan Beland and Chloe Arcot are looking forward to partying with their peers.

Last year, the Quebec government allowed France to operate from July 8 and only on a number of conditions.

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Jerome Leclerc and Rosalie Boucher, graduates of college Notre-Dame, thought it was a good idea to party with their friends. “I was detained at home for two years. We want to have fun, ”they said in a good mood.

A lot of balls will happen in the next few days. For some students, the festivities began on Wednesday at the end of the school year.

It was Matthew Gervais, a freshman graduating from the College de Montreal, whose prom could not have been more festive.

It was great, our ball was in an amazing boat. Didn’t expect to dance so much. With the exception of a few teachers who wore masks, there were no restrictions.

Matthew Gervais, graduate

Unlike the previous two Cohort graduates, Matthew has the opportunity to experience a real ball experience. “Last year, the ball was played at school, in small groups, in public classes. Graduation took place outdoors,” he recalled.

Naomi Geezer, who completed her secondary education at the College de Montreal, feared the ball would be canceled once again due to the epidemic.

Fortunately, the young man was able to celebrate his high school graduation with all his classmates without physical distance. “I changed myself beautifully, I felt like a princess!”, She exclaims.