August 19, 2022

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Entrepreneurs are fed up with the city of Trois-Rivieres

Entrepreneurs are fed up with the city of Trois-Rivieres

Construction contractors have been criticized for keeping the city of Trois-Riviers a spokesman on their wheels by multiplying administrative mazes for themselves.

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The founders, who spoke to TVA Nouvelles on the anonymous situation, said the city has a number of disputes: “The burden of governance and the slowdown, officials Through the book, Difficulty in obtaining permits, staff turnover and lack of experience, ”they listed.

Entrepreneurs no longer have access to Fast Track to manage their projects. They must use the same options provided to citizens and arm themselves with patience.

“We have invested millions and millions of dollars and we will act like any citizen who wants to renovate his shed,” lamented one founder.

The Construction and Housing Professionals Association (APCHQ) in Quebec has invited the city to set up a liaison committee to explore ways to lubricate the machine.

“Urban development is over-regulated. He was on the go. He is very framed. So, it’s becoming harder for business people to follow the movement, and with the changes in the way the city does things, it’s sure to bring hardship, ”lamented Maxim Rodriguez, APCHQ Director General, Maurice-Lanoudier. Area.

The mayor of Trois-Rivieres recently agreed that the adoption of a new town planning by-law could involve more complex issues.

“You really need to understand the context,” he said. A thorough examination of town planning has led to the tightening of some rules, especially those relating to the environment, and it may seem irritating, ”said Jean Lamarche.

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A well-established entrepreneur in Trois-Rivieres, he says he has sunk to a level where he chooses to stay away from his city and no longer invest in Quebec.

“It’s like saying no to us for the pleasure of saying no,” he denied.