August 19, 2022

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US Supreme Court upholds public school coach prayers

US Supreme Court upholds public school coach prayers

The Ultra-Conservative United States Supreme Court on Monday extended the place of religion in public schools, invalidating the removal of a football coach who prayed on the field.

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Three days after the abortion rights were buried, six of his conservative judges, in consultation with their three progressive colleagues, ruled in favor of Joseph Kennedy, who had supervised high school teams in Bremerton, near Seattle, for seven years. (North-West), before losing a job.

“A government agency wants to punish a person in a concise, quiet and personal religious manner,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote on their behalf.

After each game, the coach went to kneel in the middle of the field to pray, sometimes joined by his players. He sometimes led the locker room prayers before or after games.

In 2015, school officials cited a section of the First Amendment to the Constitution that barred the state and its employees from promoting the “establishment” of a religion. Practice.

When he refused, they did not renew his contract. He took legal action based on another provision of the First Amendment that guaranteed freedom of religion and expression.

These two clauses are regularly subject to controversy and the Supreme Court has until recently maintained the Crest Line. But its traditional majority, strengthened by Donald Trump, now represents a balance in favor of religious groups.

In May, she hoped Boston City Hall would allow a Christian group to display its flag at City Hall. Last week, she ruled that the state of Maine could not exclude denomination schools from the public assistance scheme.

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“The Constitution and our best traditions promote mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and abolition of religious and religious views,” she wrote in a recent Joseph Kennedy filing.

In the new bitter text, three progressive judges accused their colleagues of “distorting the facts” in the file. According to them, the coach’s prayers are not “personal and discreet”, but “performance” because he “regularly invites others to join him.”

Rare in legal argument, they added a photo of a coach surrounded by young players, praying on their knees.

“This decision is detrimental to the schools and the young citizens they serve, as well as our country’s long – standing commitment to separate the church and the state,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor added on their behalf.