August 16, 2022

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La Ronde closes on Mondays during the summer

La Ronde closes on Mondays during the summer

La Ronde is moving its summer schedule. The amusement park is closed on Mondays and is not open until 2pm on fireworks days.

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Vincent Marceline

Vincent Marceline

La Ronde shared the news on social media on Sunday, but according to its spokesman, it was not a last-minute choice. “The decision was made in January,” said Kareena Thevenin. Last year, Montreal Amusement Park was open seven days a week and until 2019 opened its doors in the morning on fireworks days.

Believing that “working hours are free for the company”, Kareena Thevin justified the decision by “internal requirements” without giving further details. As for Saturday, the spokesman explained that previous schedules had caused “big days for employees” and that opening until 11:30 pm could ease visitor traffic.

La Ronde announced last May that it had hired 600 seasonal positions needed to work over the summer. According to MMe Observed labor shortages throughout Thevenin and Quebec do not affect park operations. “I’m not saying it’s easy, everyone is facing a shortage [de main-d’œuvre], But for young people, La Ronde stands a little higher than other businesses, ”she continues, assuring that the park meets its labor requirements. However, the company is recruiting for the fall, “the hardest time for us” because coming back to class, Kareena Thevenin suggests.

The Parc de l’île de Sainte-Hélène is open from Tuesday to Sunday, August 21, from Friday to Sunday until October 2 and then on weekends until October 30. It also welcomes visitors on the holiday Mondays of September 5th and October 10th.

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