December 6, 2023

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My advice to party leaders in the summer

My advice to party leaders in the summer

It’s the beginning of a holiday for many. This pre-election summer, I would like to allow a series of friendly consultations to all political parties. What to do and what not to do during the summer to re-enact this back-to-school season that looks like an election.


Advice: Revisit your campaign themes based on financial uncertainty. The bad news can overturn and break the atmosphere of “everything is fine” over the past few months.

Attention! … For mistakes, for people who talk too much. Judgment will be ruthless on the party that dominates the elections the most.


Advice: Recruit! Dynamic young people, leaving a good curriculum, we must replace the terrible departures and create a sense of membership and renewal.

Attention! … Message stability. Turn left, turn right … the party always has the right to want each other during the command. Clarity should come on the message coming to the polls.

Solidarity Quebec

Advice: Your ambitious climate change goals should be supported by tough numbers and conceptual proof. It will be a test of credibility. Otherwise, the ambitious goal is air.

Attention! … To disperse. Quebec Solidair is in good position for some riding and in some areas. To grow with elected MPs, you need to focus your efforts.


Advice: Protect the chef from excessive fatigue. When difficult, the chef has the desire to be everywhere at once and work 16 hours a day. That’s why he’s tired and coming to the campaign. Mistake. Above all, PQ needs a leader who is fit, assertive and inspiring when all Quebecars are paying attention.

Attention! … Chickens, departures and other bad news. Spring is terrible. In the summer people forget … take advantage!

Conservative Party of Quebec

Advice: Eric Duheim must take advantage of BBQs and roasts to find a positive tone. You may always want to change things without looking angry or shocked. He must erase the image of Claire Samson, who is bored and frustrated with the perception around his party.

Attention! … There is a risk of cutting themselves off from French-speaking voters by resorting to English-speaking voters. Potential Conservative Party voters are not “anti-secular”, they are against Law 96 on language.

To our readers and friends

Advice: Stay prudent in your financial affairs and try to have fun. The uncertainty before us is very real. No one is sure where rising inflation and rising interest rates will end. If the cushion is good.

Attention! … To the politicians in the campaign who promise you the sea and the world as you have never heard of this economic uncertainty. Caution is required in their case as well. Remind them if necessary!

Back in August.

I wish you a good summer!

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