August 16, 2022

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Subsidy Daycares | Quebec explains its refusal to accept Ukrainians

Subsidy Daycares |  Quebec explains its refusal to accept Ukrainians

Minister de la Famille did not intend to receive subsidized daycare services when space was available for Ukrainian families who had just arrived in Quebec.

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Nicholas Berube

Nicholas Berube

“The same criteria apply to determining eligibility to reduce the contribution of all parents living in Quebec, including Ukrainian nationals,” said Brian Saint-Louis of the Ministry de la Famille’s communications department.

He said people welcomed into Canada under the Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization (AVUCU) were not considered refugees and were not eligible for reduced assistance because they were not primarily in Quebec to work.

“However, these individuals have access to tax credit for daycare services provided by non-subsidized daycare centers, services provided by stop-over daycare centers, and childcare costs. ⁇

Brigitte Carey, who is helping the Ukrainian family in their integration process in Quebec, does not understand the situation in Quebec.

“The government says Ukrainians are not primarily in Quebec to work there. Well, why are they here? Are they on vacation? They were literally given a work visa! This is an absurd position. I have worked in the Youth Protection Department for 34 years, but I have to say that no such statement has been heard.”

Simon Laundry, who voluntarily welcomes a family of five Ukrainians to his home in a metropolitan area, finds it difficult to understand Quebec’s “insensitive” position in this file.

“The stubbornness of the regional government in denying entry to Ukrainians is regrettable. The Ministry of Family Affairs seeks refuge behind ridiculous bureaucratic technology to play retail politics with this issue,” he said.

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There is no question of giving priority to Ukrainians waiting for a place in the discounted daycare and putting them in front of other families. Laundry mentioned.

“No one is asking for priority treatment. There are places in Quebec where it is difficult to find a place. But there is a possibility of a place in Montreal. There are daycare centers that are ready to take them tomorrow morning, but can not, their hands are tied to this decision of the ministry. ⁇

He reported that his family was finally able to get their two-year-old boy a $ 45-day space in a private daycare, which was “much less attractive” than the subsidized daycare they were willing to take on.

“The family now has to spend $ 225 a week on daycare. It’s hard for them. The husband works, but does not earn a large salary, and the wife wants to learn French. Once again, this is not for lack of space, it is a bureaucratic decision. ⁇

M.Me In Poland, Carey said the Canadian government would invite Ukrainians to come to the country and treat them as full citizens. “But the Ukrainians came here and closed the doors. They are not considered citizens. The same is wrong in this case. ⁇