August 19, 2022

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We have to blame Trump | The Journal of Quebec

We have to blame Trump |  The Journal of Quebec

Many of us have thought about relevance Surprising hearings on Tuesday. Are we going to hear from a new witness? We have identified a young assistant to Staff Chief Mark Meadows. Familiar face, but new things.

Audience impact

Tuesday’s hearings may cover three broader categories of the fall. Initially, they may offer partisan politics for by-elections. Democrats still hope to add this surrealistic portrayal of a treasonous president to the abortion problem.

Second, regardless of political allegiance, the work of the Commission sheds good light on the emergence of this sad day. Do not reject testimonials, written documents or audio or video evidence. You can collect them to give your reason, but the facts are there. As a historian, I can only be glad that I can preserve all of this for the future.

Third, Tuesday’s hearings were used by the United States Attorney General to prove the facts of a possible indictment. We’re not there yet, but Liz Cheney has already announced that the table is set and the next ones will bring in new elements.

Surreal evidence

What did Cassidy Hutchinson reveal to reflect as the head of American justice? Forget some parts of his testimony based on the information entrusted to him. If the surreal story of the president attacking a secret agent in the president’s vehicle makes you speechless, Cassidy is not in the car.

Blame Trump

On the other hand, many aspects of his testimony emerged from direct encounters with important witnesses. Although Trump did not attack his driver, he, along with his supporters, wanted to attack Capital. This is called treason.

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After five public hearings, the portrait begins to take shape. We found the President and his advisers to be aware of what was going on, and they did nothing to counteract the damage.

The same president systematically refused to ask his supporters to dampen their enthusiasm. All this along with a plan to invalidate the legitimate election results in a formal ceremony. Did the vice president suddenly refuse to play his role when he found out about his boss drift? Hanging it is a good choice …

In this case Merrick Garland would need to embellish his links with those who attacked him and the testimony of his entourage a little more if he were to venture to blame a president for the first time. Trump’s actions and decisions are so serious that many members of his entourage are seeking remedial apologies.

If the coming trials fulfill their promises, Garland will seriously fail in his duty and responsibilities if he does not intervene. If such a brutal and brutal attack on the electoral process and institutions were not punished, there would be very little left in American democracy.