August 9, 2022

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Another domino falling?

Another domino falling?

A few days before the National Hockey League (NHL) amateur draft, we should expect general managers to be active and move their pawns.

The team wanted to know how long Stanley remained in the dust after winning the cup before moving on to the first major transaction. This year, the Kings started the ball by getting their hands on Kevin Fiola on Wednesday.

For the purposes of the exercise, it is sufficient to find out the date of winning the cup, and then estimate what was the first major transaction that took place that year.

Since many teams prefer to trade on an amateur auction floor, a repayment date is an important factor to consider.

This year, Avalanche won the highest honors on June 26 and as the amateur draft takes place on July 7, leaving 12 days to fill the void left by hiring coaches and contract extensions, but all deals are important.

Over the past five years, on average, the draft takes place 12 days after winning the Stanley Cup. Then, according to the intervals given below, a large conversion takes place 6 days after the consecration. So, wait for this Saturday, July 2nd, because if the trend continues, some dominoes will come this time.

What has attracted attention in recent years

Last year, on July 7, 2021, Lightning won five games against the Canadians. Then, Ken Holland of the Oilers did not waste time and tried to fix his club’s defensive shortcomings that were wiped out in the first round by buying Duncan Keith. It happened on July 12, five days after the occupation.

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However, we must mark the star …