September 25, 2023

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Trump knows that capital rebels have weapons

Trump knows that capital rebels have weapons

The shocking testimony to the Commission on the January 6, 2021 case exposes Trump and his entourage to criminal charges.

Eighteen months after the attack on the Capitol, that’s what a 26-year-old woman who can lay charges against Trump says.

We thought we knew everything about these events, but the evidence came from adding several layers, including a layer of ketchup, to the White House wall where Trump threw his meal out of control.

Trump wanted to lead the attack

We already know that Trump had the rage to be disqualified from the presidency from the outset and that in his final weeks he had prompted many to think about the 25th Amendment to neutralize him. This latest testimony adds to the evidence that the former president had armed protesters in the crowd, who encouraged him to attack the capital and insisted that he lead himself.

Trump’s defense was based on the thesis of a surprise demonstration by honest citizens, in which some zealous supporters and disguised “antifouls” like Trump supporters slipped. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony destroys this scene. Capital Storm is the culmination of a treason conspiracy in which it has become virtually impossible to argue that Trump is not a central player.

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Other shocking things

Cassidy Hutchinson is an aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and she has been close to Trump on a number of key issues. His testimony is greater than the contradictory statements of those who refuse to testify under oath.

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For example, she claims to have heard from the mouths of Meadows and Rudy Giuliani that they had apologized through the President, which has a strong sense of “consciousness of guilt” in law.

We also learned on Tuesday that many of those who heard the commission were pressured by Republican officials, who were trying to silence them. Threatening a witness is a crime.

Trump’s reactions indicate that he appears to be irritated and that he cannot help himself without continuing to dig his own pit in the coming months.

But what?

In general, the outpouring of such accusations against Republicans should have catastrophic electoral consequences, but they continue to move actively towards resuming congressional control in November.

The Supreme Court’s radical strike against the right to abortion will cause them to lose some points, but it is difficult to predict the impact of possible criminal prosecution on Trump and his entourage.

Elected Republicans now have to deal sensitively between the two dangers. If they are in solidarity when Trump is embroiled in his crimes, they run the risk of losing support at the center, but if they accept evidence of the former president’s guilt, they will alienate supporters locked into the Trump cult.

Not surprisingly, Democrats want to keep the January 6 commission before and in the middle … and Republicans are praying that gas prices will continue to rise.