September 26, 2023

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Towards the accusations against Donald Trump?

Towards the accusations against Donald Trump?

Testimony this week from public hearings in the United States through January 6, 2020, the Capitol attack severely damaged the former US president’s image.

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According to an expert on American politics, the former president is in hot water after one of his former aides made a revelation to his chief of staff.

“She wasn’t an eyewitness to everything she said, but she testified enough for the American judiciary to assess its options for indicting members of the Trump administration and the president himself,” explained Luc Laliberte. Expert in American politics.

His testimony revealed several aspects of the former president’s desire to join demonstrators and enter armed positions in unauthorized areas.

“Ms. Hutchison noted that the president’s lawyers have informed Donald Trump that he can be accused of many things and we are exposing ourselves to a large number of lawsuits,” he said.

Watch this expert’s full explanation of American politics in the video above.

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