August 9, 2022

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A cat breaks into a vending machine

A cat breaks into a vending machine

A cat was spotted in a vending machine at a Walmart supermarket in Morristown, Tennessee last week.

An employee at the company heard meowing coming from a machine that dispensed Pepsi brand products.

Firefighters immediately reached the spot and tried to save the animal.

When they arrived, they heard a cat meow, but they couldn’t locate the source of the cry in the machine.

After turning off the power to the machine, the cat was still “crying” and rescuers continued their search operation.

It took a few minutes for firefighters to get the cat out of the soft drink machine.

Eventually, the cat hides in the small mouth of the vending machine. He is fine.

At this time, authorities are unable to determine how the young animal managed to sneak inside the machine.

A branch employee, Lindsey, decides to adopt the cat and give him a place to sleep peacefully for the next few days…

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