September 30, 2023

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African Super League is coming

African Super League is coming

The Confederation of African Football has announced the launch of a new CAF interclub competition, the Super League.

It’s official! The African Super League will be launched in 2023. After several months of reflection, the Executive Committee of the Federal Body has officially launched this new competition, which will bring together the best clubs on the continent. The announcement was made by CAF President Patrice Motsepe this Sunday in Rabat, Morocco.

The project was first mentioned by Gianni Infantino in 2020 as part of a seminar on competitiveness and infrastructure development in Africa. ” Create a true pan-African league of clubs. A league covering the entire continent with 20 to 24 clubs. With a maximum of two teams per country, perhaps. These teams continue to develop in parallel in their respective national championships. This way, at the end of the season, we can be crowned African champions. […] The African Super League can generate commercial revenues of at least 200 million a year overnight “, he said. He opposed the European Super League project.

At an extraordinary general assembly held in Egypt last year, CAF’s 54 member associations voted unanimously to start the tournament, giving the mandate to the president as well as the executive committee for its implementation.

$100 million in prize money

On 10 August we will host the opening ceremony during CAF’s 44th General Assembly in Tanzania. We are inundated with investors and sponsors who are keen to join the CAF Super League. She has immense potential to dramatically raise the level of African football and make it even more powerful. “, declared Patrice Motsepe.

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