August 16, 2022

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Concordia Massacre | Removed again by the manufacturer

Concordia Massacre |  Removed again by the manufacturer

Valerie Fabrikant’s parole request has once again been denied. The author of the 1992 Concordia massacre remains in prison.

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Henia Ould-Hammou

Henia Ould-Hammou

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) decision was handed down on June 30. The quadruple murderer has been trying to get parole for years and each time his request has been denied.

In its decision, the PBC notes that Valerie Fabrikant “made little or no progress in addressing the concerns highlighted” during her last application, which was in 2020.

The government agency explains that the Concordia killer’s “attitude and personal emotional orientation” still warrants a “high need for intervention” and that he still presents a “low potential for reintegration” into society.

The PBC recalled in its ruling that the killer at the time claimed that his crimes were “based on a series of elaborate conspiracies to defame”. [sa] Occupation and provocation [sa] died One psychologist thought that paranoid personality disorder was “always recognized.”

Valery Fabricant still believes his actions were justified and that he acted in self-defense.

On August 24, 1992, Fabricant walked into Concordia University and shot his classmates in the mechanical engineering department. A mechanical engineering professor not only injured a secretary but also killed four people.

The convict, who has been serving life imprisonment since 1993, reported on August 24 that “not a single innocent person” was injured.

The decision was taken after taking into account the written statements of the victims’ relatives, which indicated the “impact of the murders on their lives” and the “many activities and circumstances that their adoring father, husband or brother would never have known”.

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