August 9, 2022

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For airports to work, you need to recruit

For airports to work, you need to recruit

In the middle of summer, if the situation at the airports is extreme, it is because of the lack of staff to confirm the flights.

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The current chaos at the country’s airports is nothing new: the basic problem is staff shortages. “Before the pandemic, we already had a shortage of staff, I’m talking about pilots and flight attendants,” Mehran Ibrahimi, director of the Aeronautics and Civil Aviation Observatory, broadcast on LCN.

If the pandemic has made us forget this fact, but with the resumption of flights, it will be necessary again.

“When we plan flights without considering the reality of crew availability, we exceed our ability to provide these flights,” the expert noted. “From then on, you have to balance the situation and reducing the number of flights that companies offer is very much within reach.”

Depending on a number of variables, the busiest times of the year are likely to result in more flight cancellations.

For example, “Will other customs officials arrive?” It depends on many questions like Do airlines have the ability to hire people or not?

Watch the full interview with Mehran Ibrahimi, Director, Aeronautics and Civil Aviation Observatory, in the video above.

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