August 19, 2022

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Horn Foundry has had ‘the right to poison us’ since 1926, says Richard Desjardins

Horn Foundry has had 'the right to poison us' since 1926, says Richard Desjardins

Environmentalist Richard Desjardins believes that the horn foundry at Rouen-Noranda has been open for a long time.

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“It’s been polluting since it opened in 1926, it’s been polluting for 95 years,” he said in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

According to him, the lives of the surrounding residents, but also the lives of the entire region, are at risk because of its open presence every day.

The director of “Trou Story” and “L’Érreur boréale” said Glencore had to pay its employees while solving its emissions problem without asking for help from Quebec.

“There should be no public money to help them reduce the number of metals emitted into the air. The Horn Foundry will always affect the health of the Raunorandians, we have paid enough,” the singer emphasized.

Originally from the city, he says that in his youth kids stopped their hockey games to disperse the toxic cloud.

He was adamant that the foundry had to change its philosophy.

“It’s going to kill people being out in the open. I’m thinking of closing the plant until we come up with a plan to reach the 3 nanograms per cubic meter standard. The company says it has an earned right, but it’s actually a poison right,” he said.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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