August 19, 2022

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NHL Draft | What’s your bold prediction?

NHL Draft |  What's your bold prediction?

Our reporters are at the NHL Draft.

Posted at 7:00 am

Mathias Brunet

Because you have to be brave… The Canadians will draft power winger Juraj Slafkowski in the first round Thursday evening and also get a promising center by getting another pick. Top 12, Noah Ostlund, Cutter Gauthier, Marko Kasper or Jonathan Leckerimaki (who can also play center), depending on everyone’s availability. This second option is obtained instead of the final options of the first option (26e) or second start (33e) round, or against Josh Anderson and one of the two options above.

Slafkowski could start the season in Montreal, with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield on the left side, while we’re more patient with the center. Östlund and Lekkerimäki could stay in Sweden for an extra season, Gauthier will play at Boston College in the NCAA, Kasper could stay in Sweden due to his European player status or join the Laval Rocket. Meanwhile, Christian Dvorak fills the void at second center despite trade rumors.

Richard Labbe

Nothing happens. In fact, yes, something will happen eventually; The Canadian chooses the first hope of all, from here we are happy to criticize Bye bye 2026 ; Other clubs then select other players, and this usually happens in a repechage. But as the Internet promises us from Easter, there will be no bang, no debates and no big deals, because expectations…