August 16, 2022

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7th wave of COVID-19 in Ontario | Coronavirus: Ontario

7th wave of COVID-19 in Ontario |  Coronavirus: Ontario

Yes, unfortunately, we are in another waveDr Kieran Moore said on Wednesday.

But he tried to be brave.

I want to put it in perspective, he added. In January and February we had a very large wave of BA.1, in March and April we had a smaller wave of BA.2, and now we have BA.5, which we believe is a less significant wave.

He expects BA.5 to dominate for another four to five weeks and then fade away. Currently two-thirds of cases are attributed to this species.

Dr. Kieran Moore, Chief Medical Officer of Health Ontario

Photo: The Canadian Press/Nathan Denette

Several indicators such as sewage analysis and positivity rate confirm the hypothesis of a new wave.

Impact on hospitals

In a series of posts on Twitter, a group of experts advising the Ontario government on the evolution of COVID-19 said hospitalizations should be lower than previous waves. However, he reminded that hospitals are already under resourced.

Hospitalizations are increasing for the first time since May and are higher than last summer, according to Ontario’s Scientific Advisory Group on COVID-19.

Dr. Moore urged Ontarians who are eligible and have not yet received their first or second booster dose to do so immediately, not only to protect themselves, but also the health care system.

Public health and the government are considering offering a fourth dose to more Ontarians, but the priority, the health official stressed, is to immunize those at risk of hospitalization or those with complications.

A panel of experts recalled that the fact of being recently infected does not confer good immunity.

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He recommends applying the usual protective measures: making sure you have all the recommended doses based on age and health status, prioritizing outdoor gatherings, wearing a mask inside, lots of people, and open windows.