May 28, 2023

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Six new candidates for the Conservative Party of Quebec

Six new candidates for the Conservative Party of Quebec

Eric Duhaime on Friday afternoon presented six new candidates who will defend the colors of the Conservative Party of Quebec on October 3.

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Pascal Laurin, a special education teacher, is seeking election in the riding of Joliet. He decided to stand for election because of “the handling of the pandemic by the Legault government [l’]Abomination”.

In Terrebonne, Daniela Adrieva, a scientist specializing in immunology, wears the colors of the Conservative Party. Originally from Bulgaria, Ms. Adriwa decided to enter politics with Eric Duhaime because she saw him as “a leader who can divide and a leader who can unite”.

It is an expert in analytical techniques, Serge Cloutier, who defends the conservative banner in the riding of repentance. He cites the reasons that led to the Conservative Party’s proposals on the environment being driven by this political structure. “By exploiting our resources, we allow other less fortunate countries to replace and gradually phase out more polluting fuel sources such as coal or wood,” he said in a press release.

In Les Plaines, Ian Lavallee, a linesman, represents Eric Duhaime’s party. Mr. Lavallee’s political commitment is because he wants a more efficient health system. Tax cuts are also close to his heart.

Philippe Meloni, founder and CEO of “web brainstorming platform” Innodirect, presented himself at Bertrand to “carry the voice of SMEs and startups”. They want to ease the rules to make life easier for those who want to start a business.

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Finally, engineer Benoît Primeau tries to get elected on behalf of the Conservatives in Berthier. His dissatisfaction with Legault’s government pushed him into politics.

These candidates bring the number of officially nominated candidates for the Conservative Party of Quebec to 58.