September 27, 2023

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Judge refuses to release Tamara Licht again

Judge refuses to release Tamara Licht again

Tamara Leach, one of the masterminds of the “Freedom Convoy,” will remain in jail for at least another week after a judge denied her parole for the second time in four days Friday.

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Ms Licht, who is on parole pending trial on multiple charges, met her co-defendant and fellow anti-vaccine activist Tom Marazzo at the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms gala on June 16, despite being strictly prohibited from doing so.

Following this incident, a Canada-wide warrant was issued and Ms. Leach was arrested June 27 in her hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta, for violating the conditions of her release. She has been behind bars since that date.

Ms. Leach’s camp argued Friday in the Ontario Court of Justice in Ottawa that her interaction with Mr. Marazzo was legal because their respective lawyers were at the scene that evening and the exchange was brief.

This argument was not enough to convince Judge Paul Harris.

“Your detention is necessary to maintain faith in the administration of justice,” he said.

The prosecutor in the file uses a photo and video captured during the gala to argue that Tamara Licht violated the conditions of her release.

Ms Leach was released from prison in March, a few weeks after her arrest. She is accused of committing misdemeanors and obstructing police work and encouraging others to do the same.

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The judge added Harris to the list for violating the terms of his release.

Tamara Leach will return to court next Thursday, July 14, where she can reapply for parole.

Some members of the public came to the Ottawa courthouse to show moral support.