August 9, 2022

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Recruitment of candidates: Old parties are dragging their feet

Recruitment of candidates: Old parties are dragging their feet

The old parties will have to step up their efforts in time for the elections. Among the five major political parties, PLQ and PQ are far behind in fielding candidates.

Three months before the October 3 election, the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) and the Parti Québécois (PQ) announced the fewest candidates with 51 and 45 contenders, respectively.

“This is telling, because it tells us that there is a political realignment,” suggested Éric Montigny, a political scientist at Laval University. The once leading parties are in trouble. »

Although there is still time for the elections, 60% of the candidates from the major parties have already been finalized.

“With a fixed-date election, the behavior of the parties will change,” Mr. Montigny explained. Candidate announcements are integrated into pre-campaign planning […] Parties follow their strategy to advertise candidates and regional tours. »

It demonstrates a desire to be on the field and in the media space all summer, he added.

With more mandates and favorable polls, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) is leading the race with 115 out of 125 candidates.

Quebec Solidaire (QS), launched further back, is nearing the target with 105 hopefuls.

“The sooner we announce our candidates, it shows that we have a well-oiled machine […] “There were many candidates who came to us and we made a hard choice,” asserts Mireille Lancet, professor of political communication at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières.

“Empty constituencies can show that we’ve had trouble finding people and that we’re not very attractive,” she continues.

PQ doesn’t make much of this delay.

“The candidate selection process is going very well,” explained Francois Leroux, the party’s director of communications. […] Many people have been confirmed as candidates, but we haven’t had a chance to announce them yet. »

MP Pascal Bérubé still has to launch, last month, an appeal to all to find a PQ suitor in the castle of Duplessis (Côte-Nord), very unusual, Mr. Montigny said.

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Same story on the PLQ side.

“The process is following its normal course. By the time of the election, we will have 125 candidates, as well as the best team that will bring change to Quebecers,” explained Jeremy Ghio, director of communications in the office of Chef Dominique Anglade. The PLQ alone provided its electoral platform, he said.

They are still ahead of Eric Duhaime’s Conservative Party, which has 59 hopefuls and whose militant base is small, but very dynamic and active in recruitment, Mr. Montigny said.

Number of candidates announced by the party

  • Coalition Future Quebec 115
  • Solidarity Quebec 105
  • Conservative Party of Quebec 59
  • Quebec Liberal Party 51
  • Parti Québécois 45

– with Pascal Dugas Bourdon, Maude Boutet, Philippe Langlois and Nicolas Brasseur

A sign that Quebec society is changing: The recruitment of hopefuls for the five main political parties is well underway.

Out of about 375 candidates announced from all parties, 49% are women.

Although further announcements are yet to be made, all political formations reach roughly equal levels, i.e. between 40% and 60% women.

CAQ and QS have so far had more female candidates than male candidates. Francois Legault’s team consisted of 62 women and 53 men as well as 57 women and 48 men in solidarity, representing approximately 54% of the competitors for each formation. In PLQ, this ratio is 45%.

The Conservative Party in Quebec is also in the parity zone with 41% women, but no target in this area.

“We do not set quota or gender equality. We aim to have the best candidates representing each constituency,” Veronique Gagnon confirmed to party communications.

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“The question of equality is always raised by assuming that all the men out there are very, very competent, but if we want to put a woman instead of a man, we don’t elect the competent, responds Professor Mireille. UQTR’s Lancet. Yet many women in politics are more than competent and in all parties. Pauline Marois or Monique Jerome-Forget are women of quality and intelligence. »

As for the PQ, it is the only one that has not reached the parity zone, but currently has 38% women.

“You have to remember that it was the first time in the last election [la parité] became a problem and a stated goal of political parties, political scientist Eric Montigny recalls. It is becoming a tradition that reflects the evolution of Quebec society and the priorities of political parties. »

In 2018, QS, CAQ, PQ and PLQ met the target and women represented 47% of candidates, a record.

However, note that 64% of all MNAs who preferred to quit politics at the end of the last session were women.

Proportion of women among declared candidates

Solidarity Quebec
57 females and 48 males

Coalition Future Quebec
62 females and 53 males

Quebec Liberal Party
23 women and 28 men

Conservative Party of Quebec
24 women, 35 men

Parti Québécois
17 women and 28 men

183 females and 192 males

Among the candidates announced so far, some stand out through name or family connections. Here are some surprising examples.

Name a winner

Florence Lavictoire

Courtesy image

CAQ may count candidate named Mobiling in Mercier. Indeed, Florence LaVictoire will wear the CAQ colors in this Montreal riding. Does this bode well for Francois Legault and his team at Mercier? In 2018, with fourth place and 8% of votes, Ms. Let’s just say the challenge was frustrating for Lavictoire and the caquistes.

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Pascal or Pascal Dery

Pascal and Pascal Dery

Courtesy images

Pascal and Pascal Dery

Two candidates with practically the same name will seek to be elected on October 3, Pascal Dery for the CAQ and Pascal Dery for the Conservatives. Fortunately for voters, Mr and Mrs Dery are running in two separate ridings, Vercheres and Repentigny. So confusion should be avoided.

Children of Francois Legault with QS

Alexander Legault

Courtesy images

Alexandre and Anne-Sophie Legault, both Quebec solidaire candidates, are François Legault’s children… but François Legault is not the prime minister. Rather, it is a nomenclature. The siblings have already proved themselves in 2018. Alexandre Legault finished third in Brome-Missiscoy and his sister Anne-Sophie second in Granby. They currently represent themselves in the same constituencies with two ministers, Isabelle Charest and François Bonnardel.

Both are Eric Girard

Eric Girard

Photo archives and courtesy

CAQ presents not just one Eric Girard, but two. An elector in the Lac-Saint-Jean riding Mr. If Girard is voted for, the ballot will at least go to the same party, assuming he supports the finance minister running in Groulx.

Drainville at Quebec Solidarite

Summer promises to be politically active for Drainvilles! Ex-columnist and ex-Pequist Bernard Drainville presents himself in the Caquists at Levis, while his younger cousin (his cousin’s daughter) Amelie Drainville wears the QS colors at Berthier. Despite differing political views, Bernard praised Amelie’s political involvement. It’s great to see a young woman committed to the future of Quebec devoting herself like this,” he wrote on Twitter.

-Pascal Dugas Bourdon and Annabelle Blais