August 19, 2022

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Maurice Richard | Rocket and great reconciliation

Maurice Richard |  Rocket and great reconciliation

will he come didn’t he come

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And, the more crucial question, do we want to? Really will he come After all, he has slapped us in the face a few times over the years. True, we are not always right with him. What was that pathetic idea of ​​yelling at his son at the Pee-wee tournament a few years ago?

We shouldn’t, that’s for sure. When Canadian Junior and his younger brother Henry faced our citadels in the early 1950s he provoked us all alike by talking about the “Colosseum of Fanaticism”. ..

* * *

These reflections had many sports fans in Quebec City in July 1972. The possibility of Maurice Richard becoming the first head coach of the Nordiques has been in the air since Claude LaRochelle, the famous historian. the sun, mentioned the possibility two weeks earlier: “Although the hot and colorful Maurice Richard has had problems with Quebec in the past, some are supporting his candidacy and we are thinking of bringing him out. »

A racket behind the bench, it strengthens the credibility of the Nordics and the brand new World Hockey Association (WHA).

Richard was intrigued by the idea when Marius Fortier and Maurice Fillion, two leaders of the Nordics, met him at his residence in Montreal. But the racket’s connection to the people of Quebec is impossible to ignore.

Photo Real ST-Jean, LA Press Archives

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