August 19, 2022

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Legault attacks the health of Trudeau and Duclos

Legault attacks the health of Trudeau and Duclos

Victoria | Quebec Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s stance on the health financing file was “disgraceful” and he criticized the existence of a health minister in Ottawa.

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“It is a bit of a shame that the Federal Health Minister has been entrusted with sending his messages to Mr Duclos. How about a federal health minister when this is the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories? That’s the first problem,” Francois Legault said at the end of the Council of the Federation in Victoria.

“Then, Mr. Trudeau’s refusal to meet with his vis-à-vis is very insulting.”

The premiers of the provinces and territories have reiterated the need to conclude a new “long-term” financial agreement with the federal government on health care.

Provinces are claiming an additional $28 billion on a recurring and unconditional basis.


Federal ministers are “happy to sit down” with the provinces when they are ready to talk about health care, according to a source familiar with the matter.

“Provinces only want to talk about money,” she argued.

Ottawa needs certain guarantees from the provinces to open negotiations. For example, provinces are required not to reduce taxes or taxes through transfers. In an interview with CBC, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominique LeBlanc also said they should not cut health spending.

This is precisely because the provinces have been spending three years in the area to meet with Justin Trudeau.

“The problem we are facing is that even if we want to provide the same level of services due to the impact of the aging of the population and new technologies, the cost of health is increasing by 5% to 6% a year. ,” Mr. Legault explained, Mr. LeBlanc said of combining the files.

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Real needs

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said the situation is “disheartening” because the provinces really need the money.

“We are committed not to reduce our health spending. But if it is a federal condition, it must be presented in the context of negotiations and negotiations,” he said. “Canada has two emergencies, inflation and a health system emergency, and the government must address these two emergencies” He said.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has signaled that Canadian citizens don’t want to know where the money came from. He said that they want quality medical services.

Dubey is better than Trudeau

However, the federal government insists on deciding where to invest transfer money to the provinces, forcing them to invest, for example, in mental health or home care, the Quebec government and its provincial partners are pleading.

Supported by Francois Legault Justin Trudeau is not in the best position to tell it where to spend money in its health network.

“As for the choice of priorities, I trust Christian Dubey more than Justin Trudeau to choose health priorities in Quebec,” Francois Legault said Tuesday morning.


  • “We can no longer pay 78% of the bill. I think the message is clear. I think the message is important and I think Mr. Trudeau should agree to meet with us. – Francois Legault

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