June 5, 2023

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Samuel Girard’s behavior during the Stanley Cup parade made people react

Samuel Girard's behavior during the Stanley Cup parade made people react

During the event, the Colorado Avalanche player dined with his family members and those around him. He also poured beer on his head.

Some have called this behavior unacceptable, as Roberwall should be a hockey player by example.

Éduc’alcool’s director general, Geneviève Desautels, said we saw videos of Samuel Girard pranking. He also cut back on signing autographs due to his condition, leaving many of his admirers without ever seeing or touching the legendary trophy.

The Stanley Cup in Roberwall is a very special event that gives hope to the youth that playing hockey is an achievable dream. […]. If the hockey player in question gets away with it regarding overuse and it can give the image of the triviality of overuse, that’s a completely irrelevant message. Genevieve Desautels argued in an interview on the show It will never be the same.

According to Geneviève Desautels, the fact that Samuel Girard was a public figure must have encouraged him to closely monitor those around him. She adds that the player and his close guard spent time on the boat before heading to the marina for a walk. In this context, the director argues that due to the heat, one drink can have three effects.

It is clear that everyone is responsible for their own life. But to celebrate, should we overeat? We don’t need to forget that beautiful event in a single day. »

A quote from Genevieve Desautels, Executive Director, Educ Alcool

The Director of Éduc’alcool believes that lessons will be learned from this incident.

You are in front of people who admire you, without reprehensible behavior, and you need to be aware of the impact you make.

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