August 9, 2022

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Opt for the elegance of a black toilet

Opt for the elegance of a black toilet

Black faucets are common in bathrooms. But the toilet always retains its whiteness … or almost. Few people are daring with black bowl, including Mara Vezio, who made this bold choice for her bathroom renovations.

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Sophie Ouimet

Sophie Ouimet

At Beaconsfield House, where she lives with her family, it’s time to replace the original 1960s bathroom. “It’s really ripe for a little revival,” explained Mara Vezio, reached by telephone.

Photo by Alain Roberge, Pres

Mara Vezio lived in her Beaconsfield home with her family for three and a half years. When they arrived, the kitchen was renovated and now it was the turn of the bathroom.

Adjacent to the master bedroom, the idea is to create a cozy, almost hotel-like atmosphere in this bathroom. “We have two children, so in the evening, when we shower, it’s time to relax! she said. We also found that the black toilet blended well with the stone we chose for the wall and floor. »

The device is hung on the wall, especially with a matte finish that saves space and makes handling easier. She got a toilet from Obscure & Vogue and had to pick up a copy on the floor to avoid a delivery delay.

Photo by Alain Roberge, Pres

“It’s not a big room, so the suspended element adds a little lightness,” says Mara Vezio.

Mara and her family aren’t sure about opting for a black toilet, as it will indeed make a comeback, confirms Karin Matte, interior stylist and founder of Matte & Glossy. “The last time we saw a black toilet was in the 1990s,” she said. And apparently, in the 1950s, there was an explosion of colored toilets: mint green, pale blue, pale pink, pale yellow…,” lists an expert on color as well.

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But since that time, we’ve seen nothing but white here at least.

In Quebec, we really stick to white toilets. Because it is the color of cleanliness, purity and of course, it looks “clean”.

Karin Matte, interior stylist and founder of Matte & Glossy

Europe, which is always one step ahead of us, has more black toilets. But it’s slowly making its way across the Atlantic, interior designer and founder of La Brancoli Design Sophia G. Brancoli also believes. “In fact, it’s a trend that’s coming back,” she said. This provides great design flexibility and gives us different ways to match black colors. »

Fellow and suspended

To be a successful design gesture, the integration of the black toilet must be done according to the rules of art, however, points out Karin Mattei. “I think the black toilet has its place, but with a matte finish,” she shreds.

Indeed, the glossy finish takes us back to the 1990s. And like any good trend that comes back, it needs to be reinterpreted… and brought up to date.

Also, to keep the look clutter-free, stylist Mara Vegeu suggests choosing a wall-mounted model. “This is very common in Europe, because of the lack of space. So a suspended tank is a way to condense space as much as possible. “Practical, therefore, also elegant. “When going for black toilets, it really brings a lot of classic,” says Karin Matte.

Photo by Alain Roberge, Pres

In the Atelier C house in Eastman, designed by Nicolas Francoeur, we also chose a black wall-mounted toilet. It is a Kohler brand.

Shower room or bathroom?

Although you can find a black basin in all bathrooms, Sofia G. Brancoli suggests starting with the bathroom, especially if you’re a little hesitant about this option. “The bathroom is often a place where you have a little more fun and a place you go to less regularly than a full bathroom. »

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For layout, we have a few options available, points out Karin Matte. You can go with a more sober decor like Mara Vegiulo or create a black and white set like New York. Another option? “In the bathroom, I put a very dramatic wallpaper, for example, plum,” suggests Karin Matte, who betrays her love of color here!

Where to find them?

To get a black toilet, you have to be willing to spend extra dollars, say two experts. High-end plumbing companies have access to such suppliers. Here is a small address book.