August 9, 2022

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Heinz invented spoon-shaped fries so he could eat more ketchup

Heinz invented spoon-shaped fries so he could eat more ketchup

The world is divided into two categories: those who don’t mind all the ketchup on their fries and those who obsess over it.

The writer of these lines belongs to the first category and is sure that the majority of people also belong to it.

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However, the set of people who are sensitive to the ketchup they can get into their mouths while soaking their fries is more important than one might think.

The United Kingdom subsidiary of the Heinz Company has invented fries shaped like spoons that are specially designed to capture more ketchup than traditional fries.

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Also known as “spoon fries”, there are spoon fries Contest is open to winners only Open exclusively to UK residents.

It’s a shame, but until this culinary creation comes across the Atlantic, we have two suggestions for people obsessed with the amount of ketchup on their fries: drink a big glass of ketchup before and after eating your fries, or do the opposite: eat ketchup that you dip into your fries.

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