August 9, 2022

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A dangerous situation for patients at CHSLD in Saguenay, according to an employee

A dangerous situation for patients at CHSLD in Saguenay, according to an employee

An employee in a patient unit awaiting transfer to a long-term care facility (CHSLD) in Saguenay gasped. The situation will become dangerous for the patients.

Last weekend, there was only one nurse on the floor in the evening. No backup nursing assistant or supervisor was on duty until midnight, only two beneficiary attendants. All this for about twenty patients.

“It’s not enough, an employee has been denounced anonymously. This is an unsafe ratio. It was hell when the auxiliary nurse left. Patients lack security. We have three patients who require constant bedside care because they are at risk of falling and are aggressive.

According to the employee, the lack of supervision is repetitive. But this is the first time that there is no supervisor.

The management of Floor No. 4 of the Janquier Hospital also leaves much to be desired.

“The floors are dirty and sticky with urine. It’s been a long time. We will try to call the management because it has a strong smell and it is unsanitary,” the employee said.

He won’t be the only one on his team at the end of his rope. According to him, there are many exits and others will follow.

“We are not safe,” he said. No employee feels safe, everyone is overwhelmed.

The health care professional association argued that the testimony demonstrated employee dissatisfaction. The situation seems to have returned to normal on Monday.

Moreover, after verification, in terms of services and hygiene, the Center of Integrated Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) of the region indicated that no compliance issue was identified.

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