August 16, 2022

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Blue Planet, Green Ideas | Businesses join the Zero Waste Challenge

Blue Planet, Green Ideas |  Businesses join the Zero Waste Challenge

The zero waste challenge is growing in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie. The Montreal borough plans to educate nearly 200 food businesses about the importance of waste reduction, 87 more than last year.

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Henea Ould-Hammou

Henea Ould-Hammou

Alain Parisien is one of the Rosepatrien merchants participating in the project launched by the Jour de la Terre organization. The owner of Café Impérial Microtorréfacteur welcomed us to his establishment with a smile on his face to explain the steps he took.

Minimalist and ecological coffee packaging, reusable cups, recoverable coffee grounds (percolation residue)… Mr. Parisian seems to have mastered the art of environmentally responsible actions.

“I try to give my coffee grounds a second life,” he explains. It is a good natural fertilizer. I put some in my compost, but customers sometimes take some for their garden. In the winter, I put it around the shop. »

While no employee was available during our visit, Alain Parisien continued to answer our questions and serve his customers. An environmentally conscientious employer long before the zero waste challenge came along, he nevertheless followed Jour de la Terre’s advice to manage the green projects he had already put in place.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Pres

Alain Parisien, owner of Cafe Imperial Microtorrefacture, seems to have mastered the art of environmentally responsible actions.

“We love the use of reusable cups. People who don’t own a cup and want paper cups pay 25 cents more. It’s an organization idea. »

During the second edition of the challenge, in 2021, the environmental organization allowed him to better understand “composting, what can be recycled and what can’t be recycled”.

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From intention to action

Earth Day Canada is launched by the Borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie To help businesses implement green initiatives, as well as maintain existing measures.

“A lot of businesses have this desire to change things, to improve, but sometimes they don’t have the time or the resources to do that,” says Emma Sarazin, project manager at Earth Day Canada.

Cafes, microbreweries, bars, boutiques, grocers, bakeries and restaurants are served on Earth Day between Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Papineau Street and between Jean-Talon Streets and Careers.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Pres

Sophia Bistro uses reusable containers.

A recently established Sofia Bistro restaurant in the area has started using reusable containers as part of the Zero Waste Challenge.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Pres

Peter Balov, owner of Sophia Bistro

We spoke to Jour de la Terre and we started encouraging our customers to come with their own dishes and bags. Sometimes we gave them small gifts if they came with their containers.

Peter Balov, owner of Sophia Bistro

The restaurant also sells reusable bags that “look like the old bags in European markets.”

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Pres

At Sophia Bistro, reed straws are used (left).

Mr. Balov is also proud of the natural straws that customers are served when they eat there.

“We use reed grass. That’s amazing! “, he enthuses.

The merchant affirms his desire to continue in the environmental movement. “The challenge gives us moral support. [Le fait de] See if other merchants in the neighborhood are doing the same thing [nous encourage à continuer]. »

Power cut

Ecology was also in the DNA of the Vracs & Bocaux organic grocery store before the challenge was implemented.

“Because we’re a zero-waste business, it’s easy to improve the practices we already have in place,” says Thomas Tibergian, general manager and owner of the space. The company’s characteristics underlie practically everything we do. »

Mr. Tiberghien notes that he has already limited the trade’s water and electricity use.

“We stopped the electricity completely during the night [et] We limit water use as much as possible. We have an industrial dishwasher that recycles it. »

last year, Earth Day Canada Trained him in waste segregation.

“To facilitate the sorting, they gave us [aussi] We donated stickers to apply to our bins to make them more visible to employees,” added Mr. Tibergian.