August 9, 2022

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Duheim joined the anti-tramway group without his consent

Duheim joined the anti-tramway group without his consent

the leader of Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Eric Duheim, wanted to publicly join the Quebec anti-tramway group. The organization refused to come to his side.

On Wednesday morning, the Conservative team called the media to a press briefing on the Quebec City structuring network. Its leader said “it would be good to be with the representatives of Quebec on this occasion.”

Made up of residents of the capital, it An anti-tram group In particular, it went to court earlier this month to seek an injunction to halt preparatory work. The PCQ’s position was also clear: the right-wing political establishment would see an end to the project if it came to power.

Except that Wednesday, Quebec shone better by the absence of Mr. Duhaime’s press conference. “I, I am not a representative of the Conservative Party, began in an interview with the group’s representative, Donald Charrett. destiny. We were not aware of these summons until this morning. Quebec prefers an apolitical citizens’ movement that is not affiliated with any political party. »

“I am not responsible for his summons. We are open to all other political parties. We have no allegiance,” he added.

“Normal Vision”

Faced with this contradiction, on Wednesday, Eric Duhaime defended himself by saying that he had indeed met with Quebec’s lawyer, Guy Bertrand, earlier in the day. “They are [les membres du groupe] They did not want to respond because they wanted to wait to see the court’s verdict before it,” he assured.

“We share a common vision. They have a a job To do [sur le plan juridique]. We have one a job To do [sur le plan] Politics, he was captured, living out of a pub in an upper Quebec town. Today, we want to join those who have chosen the path [de la justice]. »

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Mr. Duhaime confirms that his party did not contribute financially to Quebec’s legal campaign. He donates $100 in his name and invites all opponents of the project to do the same. He pointed out that “the only party opposed to the tramway project is the Conservative Party”.

Quebec is better off not inviting Quebec residents to vote for one party or the other in the next election because of their position in the structural network. “We’re not there,” said Donald Charette on the other end of the line.

Eric Duhaime continues that his party “Political last resort” by opponents of tramway project. He urged Quebec voters to turn to him to block the project. “To all the people of the Greater Quebec region, you have the opportunity to help in two ways. First by supporting the Conservative Party. Then, we can better contribute to Quebec,” he said.

Quebec’s Superior Court Judge Clément Samson is expected to deliver his decision Thursday morning on the injunction requested by Quebec.

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