August 19, 2022

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Ben is the heart of Scotland

Ben is the heart of Scotland

In the mainstream media, the British Open has been celebrated since 1860. Meet the best in the world on narrow, rough fairways, on greens as rough as billiard tables, and they can crash at any moment. Or, otherwise, achieve unforgettable achievements.

In the elderly – 50 years and older – we give the opportunity to all professionals who want to try to do this. cut, as they say. Five hundred players from all over the world and spread over four courts try to play for the minimum score of 72 to qualify for the grand competition.

Jean Laforce, 63, is a regular at the Montcalm Club (Saint-Ligurie). He participated ten times. And this year, he appeared with two colleagues who are also friends: Serge Bernier, a professional at Vaudreuil, and Ben Boudreault, a professional for 32 years at the Parcours du Cerf in Longueuil.

For them, it’s a big challenge, but, at the same time, playing in the world’s oldest golf tournament environment is practically a fantasy. For the big British Open, the total purse this year is $14M. For seniors, two million.

Big stage

In old Scotland, Serge, Jean and Ben are like kids in a toy shop. Even if they don’t play on five of the best courts in the world, they try things like, Links On the beach, and they can even walk where Woods, Nicklaus, Trevino, Player, Watson, Jones and other great champions have “scored.”

For those who love golf, the experience is amazing and unforgettable. Here, in the United Kingdom, we find golf’s deep roots. Our golfers have sponsors, but they also pay out of pocket…

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