October 3, 2023

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Code of Ethics for Employers

Code of Ethics for Employers

The Quebec Real Estate Owners Corporation (CORPIQ) announced Monday that it will subject its members to a code of ethics and professional conduct over the next year.

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“In the next few months, next year, we will consult with experts. We also want to have a training plan,” Marc-Andre Plante, director of public affairs and government relations at CORPIQ, told QUB Radio.

This code of conduct outlines employers’ duties, but also includes a training and support plan, Mr. Plante explained.

From a tenant’s perspective, the new code of conduct will allow complaints to be filed against problematic landlords. These may eventually be subject to sanctions, which may go as far as expulsion from CORPIQ, the manager noted.

Additionally, Mr. Plante pointed out that, just weeks after the Great Waltz of evictions on July 1, nearly 44% of landlords considered one of their residences “unacceptable” after a tenant’s departure. Additionally, 22% of tenants left without paying their last month’s rent.

“When we bring it back annually, 50,000 cases still end up in administrative court for non-payment. This represents $250 million,” lamented Mr. Plante, pleading for the introduction of a type of security deposit banned by law in Quebec.

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