August 16, 2022

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Eight awkward deals for Kent Hughes

Eight awkward deals for Kent Hughes

Jeff Gorton recently said in an interview that the Canadians do not need to be in a period of reconstruction, because the team has talented, talented skaters, who will significantly contribute to the revival of the franchise.

But, it is also realistic. When you’re entrusted with a business with a storied past, you know that when you walk around the property, changes need to be made.

How do we proceed?

By increasing the budget? By adapting the company to new management technology at the workforce level and at the level of various departments?

So far, Gorton and his managing partner, Kent Hughes, have met deadlines.

It was confirmed that Martin would lead the St. Louis team for the next three seasons.

Changes have been made to recruiters. We have created a section with advanced statistics. A new assistant coach will be selected soon.

The Public Relations and Media Department has undergone a much-needed makeover.

And, in terms of player personnel, some veterans have jumped ship. We started the shift by giving more novice skaters responsibilities, and we plan to continue this process through next fall.

Flexibility is essential

So far, in light of the actions taken by the decision makers, we can see that we are following the business model that the Gorton/Hughes duo laid out to the letter.

But the hardest part is yet to come. A recovery plan should also include flexibility in terms of budget and financial commitments. Contracts that interfere with this plan must be excluded.

How to develop quickly when you have no room to maneuver…

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