August 9, 2022

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Electric scooters are illegal in Quebec

Electric scooters are illegal in Quebec

Although electric scooters are becoming more popular, they are still illegal. The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) confirmed the information this morning.

There is disagreement over electric scooters, but a SAAQ spokesperson reiterated the law in an interview this morning.

“A scooter not covered by the Highway Safety Code is illegal,” maintains Mario Vaillancourt.

It is prohibited to use on public roads: streets, sidewalks and cycle paths.

However, it is possible to drive in parking lots and private space.

As this new device has not yet been incorporated into the Highway Safety Code, the ban is in place.

For several years, a pilot project has been running in some municipalities in Quebec.

The Ministere des Transports (MTQ) has authorized manufacturers of GEEBEE scooters so that these motorized devices can travel on public roads.

Currently, this is the only brand of electric scooters allowed in Quebec.

“Apart from what was provided in the pilot project, it is banned on public roads,” confirmed the spokesperson.

As SAAQ explains, enforcement of the law rests with various municipal police departments.

Some are more sympathetic, some less.

A council made up of people from MTQ and SAAQ is currently questioning the legality of this type of instrument. No decision has been taken yet.

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