August 16, 2022

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Duhaime should choose his candidates better

Duhaime should choose his candidates better

As Eric Duhaime is the leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party, things are going well for him.

He led the party by about one percentage point in the 2018 provincial campaign and now has between 10% and 15% of the polls. Additionally, it can count around 60,000 members and the funding is going well. He was also invited to participate in the most important moment of the campaign face to face At VAT.

Now, the danger for Mr. Duhaime is that his candidates are struggling every day of the campaign.


Fielding candidates in 125 constituencies is no small task. Especially when it is a youth party, the candidates do not roam the streets.

So, the PCQ has to be very careful between now and the election. Yes, you should ideally have candidates in all counties, but not at any cost.

last week, The PCQ was forced to sever its ties with the candidate in Saint-Jerome Jessica-Victoria Dubuque, due to her controversial comments on COVID-19. The Conservative leader was quick to thank her, but can’t spend a campaign kicking out candidates.

At the end of the week, A candidate’s comments at ABTIB-Est attracted attention. Right now, Maxime Peron-Tellier is still in the Conservative family, but will he be on the ballot? It has to be done.

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Eric Duhaime did not have time to research all the potential candidates. He should ensure that he has a strong team around him to carry out regular inspections.

He must make sure that he has good speech writers, good press officers, good politicians to write his campaign, his platform, but above all he must have a good researcher.

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